Our story

The Strawberry Fox in Salisbury is born

Following years of selling beautiful unique products at fairs and running other businesses, I was enjoying a Sunday breakfast with the family when the conversation turned to " If I opened a shop, selling my lovely things...what would it be called?". The conversation went round a number of more obvious names, reflecting the range of high quailty, design-led , lovely products that we would like to stock until our teenage son, who had been silent up to that point in the morning, came up with a flash of brilliance delivering not only "The Strawberry Fox" but also the concept logo and the branding.

All we needed now was a shop!

In November '09 we grabbed the opportunity to take over the lease on a 14th Century property in a medieval courtyard in Salisbury, Wiltshire. The  property was associated with decades of furnishing Salisbury and the south with the very best handbags and accessories.

The Strawberry Fox was born.
Although continuing the tradition of supplying the highest quality leathergoods, we have concentrated on expanding the offering to include a broader selection of designer-led luggage, handbags, bags, purses, accessories, hats, shoes, gifts and apparel whilst only stocking items which we consider to be beautiful and which we would buy and use ourselves. Since then we have other locations with a selection of goods - Parkwood Health and Fitness Club in Salisbury, The Salisbury Playhouse, Jas Hair and Spa in Wilton Salisbury and The Red Lion Hotel in Salisbury.
The Salisbury store has a unique ethos, we demonstrate customer service that will leave you feeling truly special ..because to us you really are. So do visit us.......it is worth the trip!
In the meantime we hope you enjoy our unique, fun, boutique shopping experience and hope you become a Foxy Fan!!!

With love and kindness

Theresa ...alias Mrs Fox!!!!