The Products

In order to get into our store the products have to pass the Foxy criteria. They have to be either; beautiful, clever, design-led, fun or just something we would love ourselves. A great deal of our products fullfill all the above. Here are some examples and the story of why we choose that product for you;

Tony Perotti leather, beautifully made BUT using an environmentally approved tanning process. So when the bi-products return to the earth it actually does some good!

Dude shoes, washable, light and funky and comfort for ladies and gents of all ages..we call them our "ooooooooo" shoes . Because that's what you do when you put them on.

Alison van der Lande. Selbourne in Hampshire is the home of this British babe. Italian luxury leather handbags, jewellery level clasps, a clever shoulder strap on the Daisy Doo bag. C'mon girls ..she's a Foxy Favourite.

Konplott jewellery by Miranda Konstinadou. The unique use of antique and modern manufacturing techniques together with AAA grade swarovski crystal make this designer timless yet up to date . You'll make your friends jealous ... an amazing designer and Foxy Favourite.

Glen Prince scarves. This Dorset based company found a town in India with superb textile printing skills. Fabulous seasonal designed scarves and wraps are printed and not woven and therefore very affordable!. Then the company makes sure all its workes recieve fair trade wages together with access to Healthcare and Education. Foxy loves this because we are all valued.

MyWalit. Based in Thailand by British designers, this Brand was started by ex-TULA directors. They look after all their staff and their famillies and have a lovely community that supply us with carefully made colourful leather goods made with love. We love them back too ...people of the world care!